About The GripSnap

The patent-pending GripSnap is the world's only magnetic monopod and is a great alternative to selfie sticks.

The GripSnap was a Kickstarter project that successfully funded in late 2014. Since then, we've been selling GripSnaps all over the world and it's been a crazy ride. The backlash that 'selfie sticks' have been receiving lately have fueled sales of the GripSnap and we're very happy to help travelers, photographers, and anyone just wanting to capture a moment, to get great footage and images.

With the GripSnap, even an everyday outdoor lamp shade can become your tripod.

If you've ever been out with friends and wanted to take a group photo, you know the drill: One of you has to take the picture, so there's always someone missing from the action. That's why we created the GripSnap; we wanted to enable awesome group photos, wherever you are, with EVERYONE in the picture!

Here's what our customers are saying:

"Works like a charm, and strong enough to also hold my compact camera, smartphone and GoPro.”
“My GripSnap came in the mail today! It's working great. Both the magnet and the gooseneck are super strong. Very impressed! My wife and I are taking a trip to Disney World at the end of the month and I can't wait to get a ton of use out of it. Probably my best experience with a Kickstarter project yet. Thanks!”
“Got mine today is SLC, UT. You guys rock! Way to go! It's not easy to have a successful Kickstarter product, but you nailed it perfectly. Bravo!”


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The GripSnap can be used with pretty much any smartphone and it works great as a monopod for your GoPro camera.

With the GripSnap, you won't have to ask strangers to take your pictures, and you won't need an annoying 'selfie stick.'

The GripSnap's secret is a SUPER powerful neodymium magnet base that sticks to pretty much any ferrous metal surface. It's VERY powerful.

See the GripSnap in action:


 Here are some more uses for the awesome GripSnap!