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The coolest product you didn't know you need...

i90 Glasses give you the ability to read, text, and play games on your smartphone or tablet, while keeping your head up. These are the ultimate cure for "Tech Neck."

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If you've ever had neck pain after too much smartphone use...

You should try i90 Glasses. Keep your head up. Don't lean forward to look down at your smartphone, e-reader or paperback book. This is the ultimate accessory for people who love their electronic devices.

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Use your smartphone, tablet, e-reader, or paperback book. Pain-Free.

  • The Smartphone "Text Neck" Cure

    Today we use our smartphones throughout the day, for texting, email, social media and more. Using i90 Glasses even a few times a day can dramatically reduce the neck pain associated with looking down at your phone. 

  • Tablets and E-reader users need these!

    If you use a tablet or Kindle, you need i90 Glasses. We guarantee they'll make it MUCH more comfortable to read or do day-to-day tasks on your electronics.

  • What about old-fashioned books??

    i90 Glasses are perfect for reading books. Whether you're at home or on an airplane, your neck will thank you if you do your reading with your head up and your neck straight. i90 Glasses will save your neck!

Don't look down!

With i90 Glasses, you can read, play games, text or watch videos in comfort, with your head up. Say goodbye to neck pain with i90 Glasses.

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i90 Glasses in the media...

During our Kickstarter campaign, we received a lot of media attention. Let's face it: Everyone uses a smartphone these days, and we can all relate to the pain of so much time spent looking down. i90 Glasses are the solution!

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